Marching In The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? Why You Might Want Some Musical Assistance

Marching bands apply to play and march in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade every year. It is a pretty exclusive and exciting event that only picks the best in marching band music and entertainment. Band instructors and conductors who want their bands to apply and participate have to get started on band arrangement and musical score choices the minute the new school year starts, sometimes sooner. If you want your marching band to have this prestigious honor, you may want to hire some marching band arrangement services. Here is why.

​You Have to Send in a Video of Your Band Marching in Uniform and Playing Music You Intend to Play

Applicants to the parade council have to send an audition video into the parade council with the application months in advance. That means that your whole band has to jump into uniform, make music selections, practice music selections to perfection, and then march and play while someone makes the audition video. That is a lot of work in a very short time. An arranger can create the schedule necessary to get to the video taping point and even tape the audition video for you so that you can effectively conduct your band.

​Music Has to Be Fun, Upbeat, and Perfectly Unique

Finding musical scores that will set your marching band apart from other applicants is exceedingly difficult. You would have to go back and watch the last ten-plus years' worth of parades to make sure you are not selecting anything that has already been done to death. You do not have that kind of time when you are trying to get a marching band in tip-top shape for an audition video. However, a marching band arranger can do this for you and​ find marching band music that will knock the socks off the parade council members.

Movement Is a Big Deal

If you have watched any of the big holiday parades in recent years, you would see that marching bands do not just march anymore. They move.​ The movements are in time to the music and they create a visual show that parade goers, parade judges, and parade council members LOVE. You can make a band march and play perfect music, but a choreographer you are not. That is where a marching band arranging service comes in. The arranger finds a choreographer to sync your chosen musical pieces to movements that will delight everyone.