Are You In Charge Of A Corporate Event?

Are you the head of your company, the owner or the manager? Perhaps you are an executive secretary who has almost as much power as The Big Kahuna hasNo matter your position, if you are in charge of planning a corporate event, you might be pondering exactly what you want to do for food and activities. You know that you want it to be fun, and you probably also want it to go down in history as a unique event. From planning the food to arranging for a corporate event DJ, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a corporate event that will long be remembered in a very good way.

Choose A Theme - Think of selecting a theme for your corporate event. By doing so, everything from invitations to publicity, decorations, food and entertainment can follow the theme. For example, if you select something like Hawaiian Paradise as your theme, caterers can present a real luau. Deep In The Heart Of Texas as your theme might include an outdoor barbecue. A traditional meal of things like tacos, fajitas and all of the traditional sides might be a great meal for Night In Old Mexico. Or, think about selecting a unique theme like Barcelona Bistro. If you do, think of serving foods like tapas and paella. 

Plan The Entertainment - One thing you might consider doing is hiring a DJ for your corporate event. Even if the event will be attended by some people who don't enjoy dancing, they will more than likely enjoy listening to music the DJ selects for his or her playlist. And, you might be surprised when the DJ actually gets people out on the dance floor with the enticement of games and other fun activities. Think of having a floor show as part of the entertainment, too. For example, if you have chosen a Texas theme, perhaps the DJ could play country music that leads to two-step dancing. If you have selected a Hawaiian theme, think of inviting professionals to do a demonstration of the hula dance, maybe even showing those who attend how to do the hula. 

If you do hire a DJ, consider asking him or her to play music from all ages. For example, if some of the employees are older folks, they may enjoy dancing to the oldies. More current songs would be great for the younger set. The DJ will know how to blend many types of music so that everybody will be happy.