Optimize Your Vlogging Profits Using These Services And Accessories

If you enjoy being in front of a video camera and you're looking for a way to supplement your income, vlogging for profits is an option well worth considering. You can set your own hours, control your own work load, and if you work hard enough, you may be able to turn your vlogging efforts into a lucrative venture when all is said and done. Here are a few services and accessories you can use to optimize your vlogging profits as time goes on:

A Solar Lighting Kit

You never know where you'll end up filming footage for your vlogs, as many times unexpected experiences make for engaging content, and you can't afford to pass up the opportunity. But if your videos are hard to see because of poor lighting, you may not be able to use your footage no matter how good the actual content is. Instead of relying on the lighting that's naturally available in the environments you find yourself filming in, consider investing in a solar lighting kit that will fit in a backpack or bag and can be easily transported with you wherever you go.

Look for a kit that features a 5 or 10-watt solar panel that will slide right into your bag. The solar panel should connect to at least two high-performance LED lights that can fit into the palm of your hand. This way, you can place the light on small surfaces or hang them in the vicinity to create the lighting you need for crisp, bright vlog footage you'll be proud to post online.

A Content Writing Team

To enhance your online presence and expand your reach, it's a good idea to pair your video vlogs with written blog content to enrich your followers' experience and give them an opportunity to engage with you as well as each other. When working with a reliable content writing team, you should be able to send them your vlogs and have unique, engaging blog pieces written around the vlogs in a way that expands on the topics and complements your original content.

Once your content writing team gets to know about you and your niche, they can help you come up with new topics to vlog and blog about as times goes on. Choose an online writing team that offers rates by the word, so you can control your costs, and unlimited revisions so you can ensure that you're only publishing content you would write yourself.

A Royalty Free Music Membership

Music should play a big role in your vlogs, as it helps to stir up emotions and can invoke a personal connection with your followers that makes them want to keep coming back for more. But you can't just feature your favorite songs on your vlogs without worrying about copyright laws. Instead of seeking out permission for each piece of music you want to feature in your vlogs in the coming months and years, save yourself some time and money by investing in a royalty free music membership.

The royalty free music membership you choose to purchase should feature music that is upbeat and catchy; you could even look at memberships that focus on specific typse of music, such as hip hop royalty free music online. You should be able to pick the music you think will complement the ambiance of a video vlog you're editing at the time, and it should be easy to embed the music into your content while adding a small credit to the author somewhere in the description. There's no need to worry about getting special permission or paying fines for unintentionally using copyrighted music.

Each one of these services and accessories bring something unique to the table that will help set you apart from your competition and allow you to build a thriving vlog business that helps you achieve your personal goals while paying the bills.