Singing Lessons For Summer Camp

If your child will be attending summer camp this summer and they are not comfortable with their voice, you may want to consider enrolling them in singing lessons before they go. Most summer camps tend to revolve around singing. Campers sing at mealtime, while they are hiking, at campfires, and at talent shows. Making sure that your child feels comfortable joining in with the other campers helps ensure that they feel like they are a part of camp and fit in, which can help ease homesickness and make camp more enjoyable. For a shy camper, a few voice lessons before they leave for camp can give them the confidence they need to participate fully in camp songs. 

The Basics Of Breath Support 

One of the basic components of singing that is important for beginners of all ages to learn is breath support. Breath support involves sending enough air over the vocal chords to create a solid, pleasing tone. Many children who are unsure of their voice tend to try to sing quietly, which gives them less breath support and makes their voice come out squeaky or off-key. A vocal coach can help your child learn proper posture and breath support that will help them learn simple camp songs quickly. 

Learning Tongue-Twisting Lyrics

Camp songs are often silly, fast-paced rhymes that do not make much sense. If your child can bring in a copy of their camp songbook, their vocal coach can work on specific songs that your child may have difficulty enunciating. Even without an official songbook, your child's vocal coach will give them exercises that improve pronunciation while singing, which will help train your child to keep up with difficult lyrics at camp. 

Getting Playful With The Voice 

Since most children do not have a fully developed voice, their vocal coach will likely give your child the basics involved with singing but will also concentrate on helping your child to view their voice as something fun to experiment with. Your child may be amused and amazed at all of the different sounds they can make with their voice, which will help them come out of their shell when it is time to sing at camp and may also make them less shy about getting involved in skits and talent shows as well. 

Your child doesn't have to be a great singer to enjoy camp songs. However, if they are shy about their voice, a few voice lessons can help introduce them to their voice and get them involved in one of the most basic parts of camp. Contact a singing school, such as the Canadian Academy Of Vocal Music, for more information about singing lessons.