Own Your Own Company? 3 Ways To Jazz It Up

A company full of cubicles, desks, and chairs, can look drab and boring. To make your company a little different, take time to jazz it up a little. Below are three ways you can do this.

Use Couches Instead of Chairs

Give your office a homey feel by purchasing some large comfortable couches to sit around the work area. Your employees can choose to bring their laptops to the couch and do their work there if they want to get away from their desk. Add some pillows to the couch in case someone needs to put one behind their back for some support. If you have a large company, sit the couches in different areas so all employees can sit on them to work. Microfiber couches work well for a work environment. This is because it is comfortable, as this material is soft. It is also durable and resistant to stains. If your employees will be bringing drinks to the couch, microfiber is water repellent. This means the liquid will stay on top of the material so you can easily wipe it up.

Hire a DJ

Some people work better when they are listening to music. For this reason, you should consider hiring a DJ to play music at your company, instead of everyone listening to music separately at their desk. You could have the DJ only play in the afternoons, as this is the lull time for many people. The DJ could come only a few days per week if you don't want them there every day. Ask your employees what kind of music they want to listen to. Music that is too slow may make people feel more relaxed, so upbeat music is a better choice.

Make sure you have enough space for the DJ to set up their equipment. If they are coming every week, they may want to set up equipment that they can keep there, so they do not have to bring it with them each time they come.

Offer Free Food

Go a little further by offering free snacks and drinks in your break room. You could also install a nugget ice machine, which is an ice machine that makes chewable ice your employees can put into a cup to chew on. This ice is small and shaved making it easier to eat. A pellet ice machine also works well, as the ice is small and looks much like pellets.

When you are finished, your employees won't mind coming to work, and may even look forward to it.